Computer Service & Repair – Beaumont Texas

Looking for good, knowledgeable computer repair or tech support?

We work on All Brands of computers including Windows and Apple products, and we generally have Same Day Service on most common issues.

* General Troubleshooting * Setup New Computers / Equipment * Upgrade applicable hardware with newer and more capable hardware * Professional Anti-Viral, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spam protection. Fully configured for your needs * Repair Chronic Problems (slow performance or crashing often) * Preventative Maintenance (Patches, Registry Cleanup, etc)

The hardest problem is to figure out is when your issue is a combination of more than one of the above. Rapid I.T. beaumont makes every effort to fix your problem the same day; but some problems can be so intermittent, or so elusive that it can take several days to resolve.

Call us – we can help. I guarantee it.